6 Benefits That Tablet PCs Have Over Laptops


Technology has been a medium of the most magnificent innovation over the years. So much has changed if compared to the past, and one of the biggest innovations human has ever seen are mobile phones bringing possibilities to communicate wirelessly. Soon there came tablets. Tablet pc functions same like most of the phones and also have capabilities to perform like the laptops and computers. This dual specialization has made them very popular in the recent years.

Tablet PCs are way beneficial than laptops in our day to day life. Here are some of the points discussed to bring forward the merits of tablets over laptops and personal computers –


Tablets are generally 7 inches and above. They might be a bit bulky but at the same time are packed with innumerous features. Size is a big player these days. Today’s tablet comes with all the latest features everything that could be found in laptops and computers. Laptops are generally very heavy and cannot be taken everywhere. Tablet pc fits everywhere and can be taken everywhere and anywhere. Tablet pc come with quality built material to keep it durable and safe for use at all places.


In terms of features the tablet pc packs all that is necessary and can be found in laptops too. The storage capacity being bit less which can be multiplied with additional accessories like drives and memory cards. One of the top features is the calling facilities provided by a lot of manufacturers which help tablets function like mobile phones with calling possibilities. Tablet pc can easily be transformed to function like a computer or laptop with just adding a keyboard. Most of the laptops and computers run on windows which are now also seen in most of the tablets.


Price is one of the biggest factor and the reason for tablet pc increased sales. They come at very cheap prices and are now manufactured by a lot of providers all over the world. The prices are very nominal o services provided by it to the consumers. Though laptops are more complex devices having more capacity but they have almost all the features very similar to a tablet. These have made numerous consumers go for tablets which are way cheaper in price. Over the years with more developments in technology and new innovations the prices have decreased drastically. This has seen an increased purchase in a lot of countries.

Fast start up:

What is amazing in tablets is the time it takes to start up. It generally takes a few seconds before the user can take off his eyes from the device. Laptops and computers on the other hand take a very long time. This can harm the users when they are in a hurry. Faster start up and booting is possible due to the processor that tablets have. These processors are built to perform quickly and hassle free to give users the ultimate experience in no time. Not only the start up but the overall experience in tablets is very fast and just right for users.

Better battery life:

Tablets come with increased battery life as compared to most of the laptops helping users to use for a longer time. Increased battery life has also helped in increasing the value of the product. As most of the people use these devices on the go they prefer which something which is portable and durable. In these cases tablets serves the purpose just right. With more research and technological developments more success in battery life is expected in the coming future.


The network of table pct has increased tremendously in few years. The demand for this product has been ever rising from the time of its introduction to the market. Tablets are now available in all operating systems helping users sync their phones to it. All leading providers like IOS, android and windows have their operating software’s now in tablets too. This gives user the independence to explore a wide variety with a much richer experience through the market. The network has increased tremendously with all operating devices now moving to a much redefined platform known as the tablet pc.


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